Friday, August 29, 2008

I Give Monterey a Lot of Credit

I went out last night to place my very first knit graffiti piece- a large striped noro kureyon and black yarn piece large enough to be a short skirt.  It was about 10pm on a Thursday in Monterey, CA. We drove around the town for about 30 minutes and here is what I noticed:

- cops drive down each block of downtown about once every 10 minutes (one drove by during my one attempt at graffiti placement, and we narrowly escaped)
- they manicure, landscape, and clean every ounce of the streets (some streets they even wash the sidewalks)
- there are no posters, ads, or signs anywhere- making a knit cozy very obvious and likely to be removed quickly

Needless to say, there was no knit graffiti placed last night. 

Things I'm going to keep in mind for next time: 
- my first piece shouldn't be so big and require that much seaming
- daytime is better- you look less suspicious
- smaller is better and would probably last longer because it won't bug as many people. 

This sure is a learning process! 

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